Man And Sin ( Life Application ) SLR

Bible study is supposed to be life changing. It is a life changing experience.

Man And Sin
Global University
ICA Academy
Theological Education


This is my Service Learning Requirement. 

We are asked to interact with the material and subject matter taught.

I was so touched in my heart by Chapter 1.

This is my story.

I was so good at my sport I became a machine first. A person without feeling nor emotions. Hey, you had to do what you had to do, to win. 

Watching Gabby’s life story yesterday reminded me as well that the ball and me, we were one. It was a part of my being. 

Reading about man not being a machine. Nor an animal, brought back memories. 


God wants to change me more. Further. To be more beautiful and soft and caring and emotional and feeling. 

I wanted to be the best in the world so my Japanese coach told me that he could teach me the technique, physical and mental game. But. No one can teach a person to win. They have to have it in their hearts. Gut feeling. It cannot be taught. You either got it or you just ain’t got it. 

He taught me not to look at anyone in the eyes as they become a human being and I will feel sorry for them. To never look at anyone. They are the enemy. He taught me to be a killer. I was like a Samurai. Not looking at what I kill. No respect for life. Get what I want when I want it without consideration for any other person.

I confessed my sins today and yesterday.

To the LORD. 

The LORD works in ways we cannot possibly understand. 

The LORD wants me to change my heart further.


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