Deep Deep Deep Deep Intimacy

16 May 2013 the cross

Just woke up cos I read and wrote and all that I had in my mind was all that is in Tennent. Then I looked out into our harbour.

LORD, how come my mind for you is deeper than any ocean in the world. All all all I want to do is to study about who YOU are LORD JESUS. Yet, the human mind is so limited about how much it can be filled with. Then we tire. But but but, it is so wonderful that there is always tomorrow. When tomorrow arrives, I can find out more about who YOU are LORD JESUS. How come YOU are so infinite that even if I study for the rest of my life I will just only grasp such a finite of who YOU really are. YOU are an endless time of knowing YOU LORD JESUS. Thank YOU LORD JESUS for the blessings of knowing YOU more and more and more LORD JESUS. At YOUR feet. In YOUR lap. In the embrace of YOUR LOVE LORD JESUS. Whose arms are wide open LORD JESUS. YOURS. For me. And I lift up my hands and YOU carry me into YOUR embrace. Your divine embrace. And YOU hold me close. Ever closer daily. I’m consumed by YOUR LOVE O LORD JESUS. Totally and absolutely that none exists. Only YOU exist LORD JESUS. In YOUR Presence of YOUR WORD.



24 October 2012 the transforming Spirit of God


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