There Is Only, God The Father, God the Son And God The Holy Spirit


Surely there are many greats in the kingdom of God. The glory of the Lord is no simple feat. God’s Presence is no simple feat. As the glory of the Lord falls down, sin is exposed. All that is not of God is exposed. To enter into the Presence of the Lord of glory is not simple feat. By grace. Indeed. But a life fully prepared, from beginning to the end. The choices made by this person, though chosen before the foundations of the world, is fully known by a holy God. He is God. We are not. With unveiled eyes. The light and glory of the Lord is pure bright white light. To enter in is not simple feat. We live by Scripture for the Word of God endures forever. All will pass but the Word endures forever. Live a godly and holy life according to Scripture. The glory may fall, which is God’s divine, holy Presence but a person prepared for this place. The heart. Submission and surrender to a holy God. No simple feat. A life prepared. The heart. We cannot read nor tell the heart of another. Only God knows. If a person is not ready, madness occurs. Or others. We only have Scripture to know. Wait on the Lord. Another in this generation will rise up. Grown in the Presence of the Lord. All the glory and light of Christ will shine like a beacon at the top of the Rock of our salvation and all will know that He is God.

A life fully prepared in this place of the pure white glorious light of the Lord. 

I desire to walk the holy life. The holy path of the Word of God. Does not the world disappear eventually and that is not of God? Has not God chosen those because of their right or wrong choices? Does not God know all things?

Is it not perfectly clear in Scripture?
There is a hell. There are ramifications to sin. We cannot stop the world from choosing death.
Nor can we stop a believer from choosing life.
In the pews, in the hearts of man, are those who are of God and not of God. Holy lives and sinful lives.
There is a cost to living a holy life. There is also a cost of living a life not holy of God. Rebelling and testing God. We cannot test God. It is perfectly clear where the ungodly go. It’s been their choice all along. All the time on this earth, from the beginning to the end of this age.
Are not the good and bad growing together?
The good bent over in submission to the Scriptures.
The bad rebelling.
We cannot make choices for others. We can for ourselves. We can only look on and pray as the day of the Lord draws closer and closer.
Redemption draws near and all will know that He is God.
God has made Himself perfectly clear. There are ramifications to sin. Death.

God, He is absolute. He does not change for us. We need to change for Him.

We have His promise in this verse. 

3  a bruised reed he will not break,
and a faintly burning wick he will not quench;
he will faithfully bring forth justice.

The Holy Bible: English Standard Version. (2001). (Is 42:3). Wheaton: Standard Bible Society.

It’s once again Holley Gerth from .

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4 thoughts on “There Is Only, God The Father, God the Son And God The Holy Spirit

  1. Absolute truth – right now we are surrounded by so much humanism that I can hardly breathe. Thank you for this. I’m next to you at Jennifer’s, #75.

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