Sweet Anointing Fall On Me

21 October 2012 white_dove

What an all church worship we had tonight. 


The Holy Spirit. He is awesome, in pure white. 

This is what I like about my church. The first time I went to ICA, I was in my twenties. I was slain in the Spirit then. I remembered nothing at all. 

Tonight the Holy Spirit was huge. 

Then this young lady from Lindy’s team came up and spoke a word of knowledge over me. 

She told me she saw a ladder that leads up to the throne room of Christ and it is there that I will go to. 

I told her I’m already there and that I had a word for her. I filled her with more of the Holy Spirit so that she could be a witness to the nations. I anointed her hands and laid hands on her, imparting spiritual gifts. 

The Holy Spirit had, as usual, His wings wide, wide open as I spoke in tongues, calling to Jesus, Jesus, Jesus. 

You know, I’m trying to find out what it means when the Holy Spirit  spreads His wings wide, wide open as huge as huge as can be, facing me. Getting closer and larger and larger, as huge as can be. This can only be answered in Scripture. I see the Holy Spirit as a dove very often like this. I cannot count the times I’ve seen this. 

There must be a reason His wings are so wide open, facing me, drawing closer so huge.


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