My Wonderful Life


Is you mind consumed by the Presence of the Lord?
Mine is. He is all I can think about. Wonder about. Just everything. He is everywhere that I look and gaze and think and all I want is God. He is not boring. He is not not amazing and He does not do anything that would hurt me. He leads me into the quiet, still waters. He takes me to places in time where no man could ever think nor walk nor see nor touch.
Yesterday, during the day, His light was covered by His blood and I knew someone had applied the blood of the Lamb on me in prayer.
See, how wonderful my God is. How amazing.
Now, life is never the same daily. Most amazing things happen to me.
My brain is better than it was yesterday by studying so much more about who He is in Scripture.
It is here that I shall remain in His love and enjoy the Presence of the Lord. The Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.

And so, throughout the day I thought further. It’s what I do. Over lunch at 3 pm as we have a typhoon here, I thought and thought and thought.

Well, if I see Jesus and the Holy Spirit and touch them and I smell Jesus. But now I thought I need to smell the Holy Spirit. 

Then I thought, what about my Father in heaven.

Do you see my point of view?

O probably not. 

It’s just a me thing. 

To seek the Lord my God with all of my heart and strength and mind.

Not only to see the Face of Christ our Lord. 

The Holy Spirit is a bonus point.

But what about my Father in heaven. 

What about Him?

Though I’ve heard His voice. What more. Actually, I’ve seen Him once. Just once and then He told me to follow His Son. And I did. But can you see from this place here. My point of view. From my perspective. In this place I’ve so graciously arrived by the grace of God of course. 

But then is it biblical? I ask myself. If it is not. Then we are not supposed to try to attain this place as we are to test every spirit with the Word. In accordance with God’s Word, right. 

See my dilemma. 

It’s like. Why are the wings of the Holy Spirit, wide open. Right in front of me that I can feel His wings and His beak. Not that I would kiss the Holy Spirit as I’m a bride of Christ, right. 

So, …….. 

7 April 2013 dear Father I want to dance with YOU


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