Be Does Of The Word


Wow. Peace. I woke up and the Lord said, peace. It’s true. I’ve got peace. How blessed I’ve been all my life. Learning in all directions. From so many people. How to live a holy life. So that I could advance in the kingdom of God. There is a peace when you do what is right in the sight of the Lord. When your face is facing Him. Though others may not like me cos I love truth. Hold on to it. All those years of bible studies. Difficulties in getting to get to study Scripture. My hope and my dream. So much so that I have my own Logos and am being fed the Word daily. There is a line between keeping God’s Word and crossing over and not. It’s easy not to do so but how hard it is to obey the Word of God. There is such a freedom in obeying God’s Word. I’ve seen so much happen. So much misery when there is disobedience.
Yet, in obedience there is an assault from hell.
I’ve been studying Islam and learning all about it. They are so effective cos there is no wavering. No change. This is it for all time. Live it or die. Now.
In the Christian walk it’s live it or die. In eternity.
The thing about our walk, is that it’s personal with the Lord. No one can see it. No one knows our thoughts. Sometimes not even ourselves.
The most important thing is to turn turn turn in the direction of the Lord if you have your back turned towards Him.
Sin is such a huge word really. It does so much harm. Physically and mentally and spiritually. A silent killer. We can even deceive ourselves.
What have I learnt in all these years in bible study?
Live out my faith in obedience to the bible.
Faith is caught not taught. By the passion those around us living in obedience, we too, will live in obedience. When they make the right choices and we see it, we also make the right choices.
Live by example.
I’m a pioneer. A pioneer is s forerunner who advances. Others will follow in the same path. To a foreign ground not yet seen nor heard of.
I’m a pioneer in the Spirit realm.
I was instructed to keep myself clean as I advance. By the prophets. To be careful in the holy place. The holy ground. To make sure I was covered.
To advance inside the Holy of Holies.
Is anyone watching?
I love my job description.
I spend all my time with God. Listening to His voice. Seeing Him. Touching Him. Studying His Word. Living by His Word in obedience. Doing what it says. I do nothing else.
Would you hire me and pay me for this?
Give me a place to stay. A roof over my head. Enough food for me to eat. So that I can continue in God’s work.
There is a lot of mess in the world. The thing is for me. Though I’ve got my little toe in the world, I desire and strive to live in obedience for this. That the rest of me is in the Presence of the Lord continually. In eternity, today. Not on that day. When it draws near. But today. 
This day.
Not manana. Tomorrow.
My husband always says, later. But he never gets to it. I get so frustrated as now is the time. This is me. Better get it over and done with now so tomorrow I won’t have it still hanging over my neck like a stone. Dead weight. Here we disagree. For him, tomorrow is better as tomorrow is another day and another and another and another. For me, best get it done now so tomorrow I’ll have to get on with something else, more urgent.
There is an urgency. I was horrified that there is only five percent here. The percentage is only five percent. Believers. Ninety-five percent are non-believers. What has happened? It was not like this when I was young.
I learnt it hard. Do what is right in the sight of the Lord. Just do it. And get screamed if I do not. What does it say in Scripture. Just do it. It is final. Train a child in the ways of the Lord and he will never drift from it.
I’ve often struggled on how to teach. By example is the best way. When they see and know that you are living a holy life, they will follow.
No, indeed not.
Jesus, of course.
Scripture. And obey it.
Be does of the Word.
Loved learning from Rachel. A Jewish-American. She taught me such an important and vital part of my walk. She said we are all at different steps. No one in exactly the same place. Not to look around and worry where others are but just to keep going. Though we may fall and fail and drop one or ten or fifty steps. Just keep on going. Don’t try to find where others are. They are either walking up. Resting. Or fallen some steps backwards. Just keep going. I learnt a lot from her. This simple picture taught me to keep on going. Not to give up the good fight of faith. Keep walking upwards.
How does this work out with my Islam study.
By golly gee. They sure get on with it. No wonder there are so many. They do not waver.
We are too soft.
God’s Word is absolute. It has not changed since the foundations of the world. No, it has never changed at all. There is no beginning or end to God’s Word. Jesus is the Word. The Word is God. He never changes.
Do you think He will change?
Sin is sin.
He ain’t gonna say. Well, the world is changing and the people in the world are changing so I’d better change for them.
I ain’t gonna live a lie. In a lie. In darkness.
Humor myself.
He ain’t ever gonna change. I’m going to have to change myself to live in line with what God’s Word says. Here is the thing.
Just do it.
The thing it. I do not want to be robbed by disobeying God’s Word. I want to live by living out God’s Word. To be obedient though I may not be popular. In the world. I’m popular with the heavenly hosts and Jesus and my Father and the Holy Spirit.
God says so many times. Change and face Me.
God is God.
I’m just His faithful bond-servant.


Follow Me, this is Jesus. 
Jesus is the Word.

Jesus is the way, the truth and the life.

More more more of Jesus in my life.



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