Jesus Is Lord


Wow, growing up has not been an easy task for me. I was a like a child until my fifties. Innocence and purity in this age and time is not easy to come by. The Presence of Christ in His light and glory. Pure white bright light. Reveals all darkness and the world and its sin and enticements. The darkness is spreading rapidly. Yet, the glory of the Lord is so visible, almost like a protective shield to those who belong to Christ and Him alone. There is a separation. I’ve entered into morning fasting, prayer and supplication. Seeking the Lord from the time I wake up. I’ve learnt a lot in the Presence of the Lord and well, I’m all grown up. What was just a blank in the past is revealed so clearly. Who knows the heart of man. God does. Only He does but by the power of the Holy Spirit, we get a little glimpse of who man is. Our only hope is Christ and Him alone.
My advise for everyone is to live a holy life style, according to Scripture. So that our bodies will be …. the holy and blameless verse. Don’t be lazy, look it up by yourselves. I’m smiling here cos in my two hours of quiet time with the Lord, He reveals. I’m all grown up now.
I love my church. A Spirit-filled church.
They have taught me so much in the last fifteen years. But then, is it not that the Holy Spirit is our Teacher.


The anointing of the church of our Lord, Jesus who is the Christ.
Do you hear it?
All day long since my quiet time with Jesus for four hours in fasting and prayer and supplication, all I heard is this song.
Can I invite you into intimate communion with Christ our Lord and enjoy His divine Presence in your lives day in and day out. Night and day. Day and night.
The Son, shines in continuous Presence.
Holy Spirit, You are welcome here. Come flood this place into the nations, to be overcome by Your Presence Lord.
We seek Your Presence Lord.

My heart belongs to You, Lord Jesus.

It is once more

With Holley Gerth in

And I join in with Jennifer Dukes Lee in

Jennifer Dukes Lee


5 thoughts on “Jesus Is Lord

  1. I remember a point in my walk that the Lord said, you can feed yourself my child, you no long need to only feed from others. The Word had become everything to me, touching all areas of my life, filling me on a daily bases. Once you grow up, you never want to return to childhood. Moving post.

    1. I walk with the body of Christ, together, in the Word. I’ve been in a study since my twenties, so, it’s lovely to walk together. I read from my Logos 6 bible. There are bits of interesting parts of Scripture that grow me in God’s Word. I think it’s important to walk together for accountability to each other, otherwise as we are fallen in nature, there is temptation to think we are above it all. For me personally. I may not be where you are but that is OK. This is where I’m at in my walk.

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