When A Jesus Life Style Comes Through Shining Bright In His Light


Me in my hospital PJ’s.


I have been having a pain in my chest for the last four days so yesterday I went to the hospital to get it checked. I was scared. You’ve got to love the hospital authority here. They whisked me off right into x-ray and into the trauma centre. I got to see the doctor three times before I was whisked off and then at 3 am and the morning and then again and again and again. Nurses came in every thirty minutes and others in-between that time. My blood pressure was 170/90 when I was admitted but by the time they allowed me to go home, as I really wanted to, it was 110/60.

You’ve got to take your hat off at the emergency services here. And the hospital services. They are quick and they ease the pain of the patients by getting it all done quickly with answers at once. 

My bloodwork and x-ray and ECG were normal. They could see nor find anything that was causing the pain in my chest. They concluded that I had pulled a muscle which was getting worse. Because of my allergy to medication, I was given nothing. They only observed me, as usual and let me go home and gave me a physio therapist appointment. 

I suffer from spondylosis. The sixteen pound ball did injury to my neck and I suffer when I bend my head down. It’s all the reading. I need to remember not to bend my head as I read. I’ve already adjusted my monitor to eye level. 

There were really sick people there who had been there for months and months and months with no door soon at the other end. 

As a follower of Christ, of course I looked for an open door to share myself as a follower of Christ. I noticed one of the ladies had a christian worship song on her mobile phone. I was in a room of women who brought up their kids working with their hands. In an era when they put flowers together to earn a living. Put out the rubbish and clear the streets. 

They got first class care as every available service was provided to ease their physical and mental pain. 

We talked for hours about their lives and how they brought up their kids and what it was like to live at a time when life was tough. I reminded them that they made this city what it has become because of their hard work and is respected for it. 

I thought back to what I had learnt in Global University in ‘The Introduction Of Islam’ and approached them in their culture and their ways. Not mine. Of course they would not be able to relate to me at all. They smiled and I shared my bowling years and those who were a household name those years back. Their hearts opened to me. 

They asked me why my face was so bright in light and I told them I was a follower of Christ Jesus. The other old lady said that we have the peace of the Lord. It was a difficult situation as there is a lot of physical pain going on and I suppose peace is a bit hard to attain when you’ve lost your leg and it hurts like mad. 

But, the two ladies were open to me and accepted me though I was a follower of Jesus.

A start.

When I was young I was told to plant the seeds and one day someone will harvest what I have sown.

I sowed some seeds today to people who are suffering physically and mentally. In a lot of pain. I was in the room all night when it all happened and in the day time.  

I’m a people’s person and because I have bonded with the locals here, it was easy to bond with them. 

It all started like this. 

Do you like your food?

I told them it was tasteless and lovely to eat and then shared my luncheon experience with them. They advised me on good health and the benefits of eating bland food. They shared with me that when they were young and bringing up their own kids, all they had was one salted fish head and lots of rice. The rest of the ladies applauded and said the same thing. The only way of survival.

When I finished my rice, they all smiled. 

The lady who lost her leg was not eating well and was in a lot of pain though she had had a shot to ease the pain. They all get a shot if they wanted it

I did not want one. I just wanted to go home to the comfort of my bed. With all that was happening all night long I got very little sleep. I needed a long nap on my own bed in peace and quiet. 

This is my Service Learning Requirement for ‘The Introduction Of Islam’ for they could be either Buddhists or Muslims. 

I did not push the Gospel but shared my life as a follower of Jesus and they said I was beautiful. 

The Christian belivever asked me to visit her in her church as they are a family of believers for generations. 


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