My Family

Well, everyone is writing their story about themselves and well, it’s fun. I’m going to tell one that is so interesting. For me anyways. 

When I was in my mid-twenties, I used to walk into the priest’s office and talk to him daily. His name was Father Colombo. His desk must have been about ten feet by four feet and his office was open glass so anyone and everyone could see us chatting for hours, daily. Five days a week. I would park my car at church just to go up to his office for a chat. 

He most obviously enjoyed our conversations and was smiling every time I went in for a chat. We did not talk about doctrine nor theology. We were just friends. One day years later I asked him why I never noticed that he went home on vacation to see his family in Italy. Roma. 

He told me when he became a priest and left his home, he would never go back again. He was happy serving in the church for the rest of his life and he would die here. 

Father Colombo has long gone to our Creator but the years of friendship and chats about life in general was the most enjoyable experience of my life. There was no limit to the chatting. The thing is, I cannot remember now what we talked about. 

All I can remember is his smile. A simple, short, fat, and humble man serving God. A man with a pure heart of gold. 

Why have I been reminded of this?

I love to speak to people who love Jesus. They are awesome people. Humble and kind. Their friendship is extraordinary. They are family. 

My family.

I feel so at home with them. Their hearts are pure. Their words are kind and loving like Jesus’.

They are great representatives of Jesus.

Well, I’m in this group of ladies, and gents, as well. We are all writing about our lives. Not one of us is perfect but well, as life goes, this is it. I suppose.

My part.



Well, it’s Wednesday again with Holley in



2 thoughts on “My Family

  1. It’s great to hear about your family and the influence of Father Colombo. It’s wonderful to reflect on those who have poured into our lives and reflect Jesus. Thank you for sharing your words with us. (Your neighbor at Holley’s place)

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