Lost In A Divine Embrace


Have you arrived at a different level in your dance with Jesus?


I have. Lydia has. We do not compare ourselves with each other. We just dance. In the year 2000 I danced with my friend Maddalena in a huge huge hall and all we did was dance in this huge huge hall with Jesus but not with each other. It is like this with Lydia and me. 

Last night we moved at a completely different rythm. Something different. The movement in sync with our Lord Jesus who is the Christ, is so different.

Do you find it very difficult to be very intimate with God. With Jesus and the Holy Spirit and our Father who art Thou in heaven.

Well, I don’t. Since a very young age, before the age of five, I was taught to be very intimate with God the Father, His Son and the Holy Spirit.

I’ve got to a new stage of my intimacy with Christ our Lord.
So, we dance.


Are you so close close close to Jesus, are you are you are you.
I am.

That the days and weeks and months and years fly by so swiftly that I cannot even remember what was behind me and only see and gaze who is in front of me.

Christ our Lord in His pure bright white light.

Do you see Him, do you do you do you?
I do.
All all all the time.

I may have aged but in His light, I’m glorious.

Are you totally and absolutely lost in the love of Christ Jesus our Lord.

I am.

Nothing exists but Christ.

No one.
Nothing at all but Christ.

Are y’all in this place where all you see is Jesus Jesus Jesus.

I feel like a child again.

I’m totally lost in this absolute bliss of Christ our Lord.

And we dance.

Christ and me.

And I’m drunk in the Spirit as I cannot contain myself and cannot stand still still still as the Holy Spirit is doing His thing. 
Swirling and turning and blowing gently but fiercely over me, around me and just all all all.



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