Getting Quiet All My Life With The Lord

7 April 2013 gurard you mind and heart with the WORD

Who do you get quiet with and think about all the time? Is it Jesus and what is happening? When you wake up who is the first Person you think about? Is it Jesus? Does the world infiltrate your thoughts or do the things of God? All the things of God. What is your mind filled with? Who? Why? When? How? What? Does Scripture become a living reality in your life or does the world become your living reality? Who and what is your reality? Is it Christ our Lord or some dire thing that is happening in the world? What is your main focus?

But for me, it is all Christ our Lord. It is Jesus and the Holy Spirit, prompts me into all the things of Christ Jesus.

I’ve been doing this thing in my mind all my life since I was very very young. It becomes a habit. A part of my daily life. I wonder into the spirit realm and ponder and meditate on the things of God. Scripture. Scripture is like running water though my brain.

This is a must do and most certainly a can do for all of us.

Train a child in the ways of God and he will never leave from it.

What is fact in your life? What is fiction?

Jesus and all the things of God is fact. All else in this world is mere fiction.

Sometimes you gotta move on and on and on and on. Get going. Fly with Jesus.

You gotta fly with Jesus constantly and continuously.

16 April 2013 Ruach ^^ Breath of God Let the winds blow Let your glory come down

We are promised the Holy Spirit who leads us into all truth. Our only job is to use Him when He leads us to follow Him. The Holy Spirit glorifies the Son of God, Christ our Lord.




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