Honestly, It’s Natural For Me To Love Jesus As He Is Male

Man And Sin
Lesson 5
Man: His Composition

I learnt this already.

On further thought while reading totally different subject matter, I thought to myself. Is it that it is easy for me to love Jesus as He is a Man. A male. And so I broke into song, and, am still singing. One of my all-time favorites.


This just looks so right for me. 

Picture perfect deep, deep, deep in my heart.

I think for me, it’s like this. Did not my Father in heaven fashion me with His very own hands? Does not a Father want the best for His child? 

This is His answer to love. 

Perfect love. 



Honestly, it’s a great resting place.


I received a call from my grandson’s primary school about his admissions into secondary school and it’s thrown me out of wack.
Continuing on the thought of last night while I was reading Chapter 5 of ‘Man And Sin’.
It has always been easy for me to love God since day dot. A father figure. My father-daughter relationship with my earthly father was excellent. Now with my mother, it was not that good. She preferred my brothers. My father took care of me and she took care of my two boisterous, active brothers who always got into trouble.
Is it easier for me to love Christ as He is a male?
In my case, so easy as my first relationship with God, was with my Father in heaven. I just thought about Him every day and every moment. Actually, my own father led me to this place by telling me to find God, in our Father. So at five, it shocked me that He spoke to my heart and at twelve, His loud voice rang out true, as true as could be. But His love for me sustained me for the rest of my years in my life as being my heavenly Father, He just held first place in my heart. Does He still hold first place in my heart?
I’ve not thought about it. I spend most of my time thinking about Jesus and light and glory.


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