Jesus I Am So In Love With You


After seeing the perfect Christ, after loving a perfect Saviour, the world seems nothing compared to Him. How is it possible to love imperfect people after a perfect Jesus?

To truly love. How does Jesus do it?

I jest myself to say I love after seeing Jesus’ ❤ for not only me but for all. I still have my humanity in me. The imperfect man. Unable to be like my perfect Redeemer.

The paradox.

Jesus says, love your neighbour as yourself.

But but but, how?

Being perfectly honest here. 

It’s easy to love my husband and family and friends. 

But how do you love a neighbour you do not know?

The closer you draw to Christ, and see and touch and smell and taste His love on the cross. 

O how He loves.

But it is impossible just like Jesus. It just is. 

In true honestly.

You’ve gotta walk through the thoughts or else you won’t move forward but stagnate and just not move on.


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