An Amazing Day

Well, it has been an astonishing day for me. My neck is just about all healed by Jesus, so much so that when I finally got to the physiotherapist, he said, there’s not much wrong with you. I was so disappointed as it really hurt so bad for over two weeks. I was sure this was the end of me. But now having been healed, the physio asked for a recent picture of my spine which I do not have. So I need to go to the doctor’s and request for one. I truly do not want this to happen to me again. My greatest fear is whip lash. It would do my spondylolysis no good at all. Well, there were so many sick there. They were unable to walk nor move. I looked like I was there for a laugh. Anyways, I told the physio I had been reading for five to six weeks for Global University on a Biblical Theology course and he looked at me. Like stared. 



So he said that it may have been me bending over. It was a good witness though about Jesus in my life.

I was not charged. Not even the basic fee. My husband was delighted.

Then I was off to get my computer fixed as something last night slowed it down completely. The computer man spent three hours on it and when I left he said, ‘No fee.’

I was astounded. In our conversation he asked me about my Word documents on my desktop. I have in the years been unable to hide them so they are visible. I told him I only know about Jesus and he was a very smart man like my sons. So opened some of them to check as I had to place them in another part of my computer as he was going to wipe the lot out and start again. He must have seen everything as in the end, really, which I have not noticed really. Everything on my computer is all about Jesus. Only Jesus. I was very touched when they asked not for a cent as they acknowledged that Jesus is someone to be respected in my life.


Man And Sin
Global University
ICA Academy
Theological Education
Service Learning Requirement

I’m a Mary, all Jesus. I’m a Mary.


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