Learning In The Spirit, Our Teacher



I do not know about you all but I’m in such a good place now. Just such a wonderful place. 

I did not know this.

When you come out of the quiet still still waters in the midst of huge storm, the silence of listening and hearing Jesus, in such an intimate place of healing is no small feat. I did not know that when you are out before you know it and the world is very noisy. Very loud. Very active. 

I actually got a huge shock. I was dumbfounded and most uncomfortable with all the noise and movement. 

It surely is a quiet place, still still place.

16 April 2013 Created for fellowship m

I never knew this.

The gentle quiet still waters. There is only gentleness in the Spirit. Rest in the pain and suffering. When I lay down there was no pain as there was no pressure. In the peace and quietness and trust, in faith, for the just shall live by faith, there was perfect peace in the midst of the great storm. 

What of the noise and clammor out in the world?

Sin must have a grip on it as it’s tremendously noisy. There is no peace in it. Work. Like in Genesis. To toil in the land. This is so true. 

But in Christ and in Christ, there is an absolute peace that can only come from God. 

He is Christ our Lord. 



2 thoughts on “Learning In The Spirit, Our Teacher

  1. So glad to read you’re in a wonderful place. A still and quiet place. May God speak to you, refresh your soul, and quiet your thoughts as you rest in this place. Following you at Coffee For Your Heart. Blessings!

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