Submission To Leadership And Authority

I tell you it’s been one of those hard days. I got my results.

In my twenties in bible study we learnt all about submitting to Christ and to the leadership and the authority we were under. I did not learn this the hard way. I got it immediately. It was hard. I was an avid reader but I’m like a wild stallion. I love to run. So when I got it, it did not mean everyone else has. So, we have to wait. 

We were all young and wild and lots of money to spend. A happy and joyful life style. 

As the years progressed and I got deeper into the Word, I learnt more and more and more about walking His ways and not mine and the things of this world started to diminish. It began to fade. Gone, one by one by one. 

One day my son asked me about my bible study and I told him that as we worked together, his homework and my bible study, we shared our time together and God was present. He eventually got on with his sums. Himself. 

I have been reminded time and time again to submit to the authority I’m under. 

We are not perfect people. We make mistakes. We get things wrong that we do not know. It’s alright to be wrong. It is better to admit our mistakes than to be proud and never get a chance to learn as the person teaching us gives up on us. 

There is nothing worse than a rebellious child. 

In some ways we are all rebellious children because of our fallen nature. The thing is to know this and change. It’s never how good you are but how willing you are going to change for the better in Christ Jesus. 

Life is tough today and I had my physiotherapist appointment and the physio said, ‘You’re all tensed up.’

I could have told him that. I did not tell him how hard I study nor how long. He would be horrified. I get to see the doctor next week.


I’ve a long long way to go and miles to go before I sleep.

Our next course is ‘Preaching’.

Global University
ICA Academy
Theological Education

I’m learning things I’ve not learned before. I’ve been given a chance. A chance of a life time. 

My four new banners arrive next week. I’m still waiting for the one I ordered last November. I just ordered another one today.

I love worship with banners. My heart. Ministering to Christ and Him alone. 

Some girls are crazy for bible study and the Holy Spirit and worship and prayer. 

I’m one of these girl girls.


It never says in Scripture that it’s a gonna be easy. It says, it’s going to be difficult. I never give up. I’m not a giver-uper.



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