Bless The Lord O My Soul And Forget Not His Benifits


O well. There I sat with all my bible study PUP friends and listened to Kay Arthur teach us, for live. For real. It’s been years. We used to listen to her on cassette tape. Then a VCR. Then a CD and then now a DVD. Got all of them throughout the last thirty years. 

First time live for me. 

We are all mature in the inductive study. 


The best observation worksheet I did was on the first two chapters of Acts. Especially the second one. I loved it. 

The thing is she sounds just the same on the cassette tape, or VCR or CD or DVD or on-line daily. 


I’m part of a PUP group so I’m in the group. We’ve been through hard studies together. 

I nearly died when our group leader decided on Deuteronomy. 

O no, I cried. Just about tears streaming out of my eyes. What about the New Testament. What about Jesus. 

It’s just about rules. It does not count for us anymore. 

I learnt staying power. Patience. 

Yesterday, up on stage I saw this huge cross. I do not usually go up on stage but by chance I did. It was in the Spirit. God placed it there. Right up on the ceiling. Hanging down. A huge one. In the middle. I was shocked.

It’s been a tough journey. Not in a worldly way. In a holy way. There are lots of diversions. But I’ve learnt to ignore all the diversions now and just stick to Scripture. 

The very heart of God.

I’m in a place where I can dance and worship with banners freely. My heart. Study my little heart out. Gently. I’m in my house. My home. 

I’m allowed to pray till my little heart’s content.

I’m in a place where it’s easy. Very very easy. 

I’m contented. My mind is full of Scripture. Full of the study of Scripture.

I sup and I’m full full full to the brim.

Absolutely and totally. 



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