‘Kratos’ Power, The Fullness Of The Holy Spirit.



So anyways, Kay Arthur is in our church, in our living-room, teaching us the Word like she has done all these three decades to me. But she is live. 

Where does she get the energy at eighty-one years of age!

Surely the Lord has blessed her in the abundance of His power by the Holy Spirit. 

She taught it like she always does. Flat out. No holding back. What is Scriptural and if we do not live by the Word, we go to the pit of fire. 

The thing is in all these years we have all come to love God’s Word just as she does and keep it in our hearts and minds and it saves. Truly it saves us from our fallen nature. 

I call it the displacement theory. 

You take away all the junk of this world from your mind by displacing it with God’s Word. 


Eternal life.

She taught me through the Precept Upon Precept studies of God’s Word to dig truth for myself. To be independent of having to wait on others or not being full enough in God’s Word and sup with Christ Jesus in His Word daily. 

It becomes a life style.

No personal opinions.

Once when I went to the 40-Minute leadership study, John asked in the passage, ‘What is important about God for each of us?’

‘God’s Presence,’ was my answer.

‘Where does it say that in this verse in Scripture? Look carefully what God’s Word is telling you,’ was his prompt reply horrified.

Well, when we left my bible study teacher took me aside on the side of the road and laid hands on me so that I would not be rebellious. 

In the years that followed, I learnt for myself to use God’s Word as it is. Not to change it at all. I got equipped to dig truth for myself. Nuggets of God’s wisdom began to change me in a way that I have never been the same.

I thought I had ‘kratos’ power from the Holy Spirit. Now I know someone who has more than me. 



Kay Arthur was filled from the head down with the thick thick oils of the Holy Spirit with the Blood of the Lamb of God who takes away the sins of the world.

You have got to work together in unity with the entire body and what they have they share with us and what we have we share with them. 

The prayers of the saints. 

We are all totally washed out but Kay is still going strong, in the Lord.

Right. I can do it. Follow by her example. 


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