I’m Safe And Secure In Your Hands O Lord, Jesus.



So I wake up this morning after eleven hours of sleep. I have not needed so much sleep for a long, long time. I suppose I’ve found my perfect patch in this heaven of all things. I saw pure bright white light. The prayer of the saint. I’ve come a long, long way to get to this place. A lot of things have happened throughout my life but I’ve really just known that God would come through for me. There is no place to argue with God. I learnt this since a very tender age when I could not, no, rather, not started to read. Do not argue with God. Just do it. No matter how tough things are. Gosh, I’ve come full circle. I was here as a very young age. The tender age of five. I’ve come full circle. Fifty-five years. Last night one of our pastors and his wife worshiped beside me. Now, really, Lydia and I have been worshiping for five years together. Beside each other or more. God sends people to be beside me and she has been such a blessing in my life. The freedom we have found to just seek the Face of Christ Jesus. The rest we have been able to enter in in worship. The freedom of just worshiping Christ and Him alone. The young couple worshiped in the same place. I’ve come so far. It’s been hard. It’s been arduous. A hard journey so I do not want to lose ground. The Presence of the Lord is in this place. A little is enough. There is not much needed in this place. Jesus’ Presence is all we all need in the end for God said this morning, My Word endures forever. When all things are gone, My Word remains. The Word of God is Jesus, the Christ. And He reminded me that the Word is a Lamp unto my feet and it is Christ, Himself that will lead me home. Back to my home sweet home. 


I can only suppose not many can find this place. Right in front of the Presence of Jesus. Standing before Him. I thought to myself this morning. Why is it that I do not need to cover myself up to the hilt. Yet, I’m covered. His blood covers me. He sees His own blood by which He purchased me so that each can arrive in this place of their own choosing of course. There is a choice. Where you sow, you reap. I do not want to lose this ground I’m standing in. I do not want to go backwards. 

I actually saw Jesus’ hand and a bird fly off it, once. 

So, how did my afternoon go. Well, you would not believe it. I touched the lips of Christ and I kissed it, one more time.

What does it feel to be in the warm embrace of our Lord Jesus who is the Christ?

Heavenly. Absolutely heavenly. 

John in later years started to get to know me and became a great friend. Though he may not have understood my visions and dreams, he found me a church when I moved to Scotland and got ladies come to my home to sing songs with me and study Scripture with me. 

I’ve had years of difficulty adjusting to different churches and where they place their importance. 

Some, Jesus’ death. Some His crucifixion. Some, His resurrection. 

The one thing I’ve learned, is not to object. 

Bonnie was in Kay’s conference. She wouldn’t study Isaiah 6, the throne room of Jesus. I had so much fun with Jesus at His throne-room. I could not understand it.

Some are called to places different from others. They are the other parts of the body. 

I’m a seer part.


If I were to ask all to come and dance with Jesus like David or like me. 

They always say, ‘No’.


This is what it looks like in the dark and when I wake up or always really.

I love You Lord Jesus.

Kiss, kiss, kiss.


Some are created to kiss the lips of Christ our Lord. 

Jesus is the way the truth and the life.

9 August 2013 alpacas-kiss

O I nearly forgot. 

When Kay spoke at one point when I was looking with my spiritual eyes, I saw the mist break forth. Then, I heard the verse about God speaking the world into being. 

This is the first time I’ve seen this. 

The Word is a powerful weapon.

18 September 2012 cross-as-a-bridge

 This path I take is not a popular place to be in but hey, Jesus is worth it all. All of it. For in the end, I thought to myself, and said and prayed to Jesus, ‘If I gain the entire world but lose You, Lord, … but if I just gain Thee Lord Jesus, I’ve gained my eternity, now and forevermore with You Lord as heaven is my home. The world is not my home.’

So, I dance. 

Dance with Jesus.


I’m just a-gonna slow it right down and enjoy the journey.


Be still.


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