Reaching Out In This Humanitarian Crisis – The Gospel

18 September 2012 cross-as-a-bridge

We need to pray for these displaced refugees who are fleeing for their lives.
Let us pray and cry out for these people who are lost. So they can be saved.
Can you feel Jesus’ love for them?
I can.
Jesus loves them.
Let’s cry tears for these people so that in finding Jesus they find a safe home to rebuild their lives and those of their children.
Jesus is for every body. Everyone.

If there is any place in man’s heart at this point of their lives, for salvation, it is in this crisis.


How is the church going to respond to these broken families. These broken hearted people who have lost all. Hopelessness is before their very eyes.
Jesus wants them and loves them.

You know, I would go to Europe to minister to them.
I would.
I have an EU passport. I can travel freely across Europe.

What would Jesus do and what would He say to them.
I think He would just love them.


I’m praying for them.


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