There Is A God In Heaven



For the longest time in the history of mankind, our bad choices have created a chance for us to reach a people who do not know what true love means. A chance for them to be able to open their hearts to a people who love each other like Jesus does.
They want our way of life. It’s been obvious that people love our way of life. Even here when I see the nation of China, they too are building the way the west lives. They build houses and malls and huge supermarkets and copy our lives as they love it.
They do this all over the world.
Where are our hearts?
Do we really have Christ in our hearts?
Or has our love waxed cold?
So cold that we, ourselves cannot see how hard we have become.
Gosh. Suffer the little children.
Children are innocent. They know nothing. They are pure and clean.
Jesus said that we are not to stop the little children from going to Him as we too are to have childlike faith otherwise we cannot enter into the kingdom of heaven.
Honestly, what are we doing.
Really, what are we truly doing.
Where is our compassion?
Has mankind lost the plot.
What does love really mean?

Are you praying for these lost displaced people?
For the first time, they are so vulnerable, they are a reachable people so Christ can change their lives for all generations forevermore.

Jesus is for everyone for all time.
Are we praying that our hearts are not waxed cold?
Indifferent in our comfortable little homes away from the suffering of those who need Christ?
Jesus loves everyone. Not just us.


 Global University
13 Courses
ICA Academy
Theological Education

I did the Islam course and sent in my coursework and did not get a good mark. 

But this, after studying about others whom I never knew has changed my outlook on what once was not, and now, is. 

It’s does not take flourishing words to make a difference in the world. It just takes words.I suppose my writing has changed in the course of this study and has opened my heart to the heart of the matter. 

God loves everyone.

Especially those who suffer tremendously and call out to Him. To a God who cares.

It would be so callous of me who claim that I know the heart of God as I’m up close and personal with Him that I do not even know that He is looking down at us in disgust and shame that this has happened. 

We are to reach out to a dying world. A world that without God cannot experience the love that we experience daily. The security of a warm home. A loving home for our children. All our children.

We cannot force people to believe in Jesus but Jesus can make the difference. 


16 April 2013 Ruach ^^ Breath of God Let the winds blow Let your glory come down

Do we really believe that nothing is impossible with God?

Or have we in our pride uplifted ourselves far above God.

It’s time to take a heart check and reach out to those who need our help. 

Every life matters to God. Every single one. 

It is God who calls. It is out part to fall in line with His calling in our lives and make a difference and change the world we live in for all generations by loving one another.

His life for all.

4 January 2012 all people on earth who dwell


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