Keep Your Life Clean


I surrender all Lord Jesus, to You and You alone, Christ our Lord.


Keep your life clean. Do the things of God and just do them. Like Nike. Just do it. Do not look nor walk to the left nor right but straight ahead. In all things, be bring to mind Scripture and what God wants you to do. If He does. Do it. If not. It’s this simple. Discard it. Never look nor listen to the bad things as once they come to mind they are difficult to get rid of. 

What is happiness and peace?

Being in perfect alignment with the Word of God. Being in perfect alignment with Jesus. With God our Father. The Holy Spirit. 

Even in perfect alignment there are mistakes. 

Thanks be to God. Make a good confession when thoughts of not liking someone someone said that hurt. Discard. 

When something that is dirty or filthy comes along, turn turn turn and not hear nor see. Do not even turn in the direction of the filth and dirt. Cover your eyes and mind and heart with the blood of Jesus. 

Think good and happy thoughts of the Lord, Christ and Him alone. 

Looking at a pot hole before you, and someone who just fell into it, would it be not stupid to fall in as well. You would turn from it and go another way. 

So it is with things that are unclean and dirty.

Fix your natural eyes on Jesus, the Author and the Finisher of our faith.

It’s good to be deaf of the natural ears. Learn the art of being deaf and blind. It goes for a healthy life style in Christ Jesus our Lord.


Happy clean journey.

One more very important point.

You will be crucified here as here does not make for popular as you are not conforming to the world. 

Global University
ICA Academy
Theological Education
Course 14

What a privilege it is to be able to be given a chance to learn about the things of God. 

He is a good and awesome God.



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