Follow Jesus, Him And Him, Alone.


It’s been a long, long journey for this pilgrim. You never know how far you’ve come until for a moment, you stop and look around and take in what people are saying. Wow. I suppose I’ve got focus. Advise, keep your life only about Jesus. God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit.

I’m in a really, really good place. I’ve found my niche. A safe, quiet and still, still place with Christ our Lord. 

I love to dance with Jesus. I just love to dance with Jesus. 

I used to think that everyone can find this place but have come to realize that where you are called, Christ will equip you to accomplish what He has predestined. 

The thing is not to look back but to go forward and upwards in Spirit and in Truth. Live a life continuously according to Scripture. 

I’m in a really, really good place. You’d not think so but I stopped for a moment to look back and listen and well, it’s all about choices. 

Is Jesus first place in your life?

Do you spend hours and hours and hours, even days and days and days, or, moreso, weeks and weeks and weeks. To go further, months and months and month. Then, years and years and years. To go further forward, decades and decades and decades, in the study of His Truth and to live in His Spirit. Hear His voice and seek His Face. 

Jesus, of course, this is.

Jesus is the way, the truth and the life.


O but then, I was born for this place. To seek His face and find Him right beside me. 

When I was sixteen, I sang and sang and sang with all of my heart, for Jesus to be beside me. He was beside me all along, I just did not know it nor see Him. I truly did not know how to love Him. 

The deeper and deeper you seek Christ in Scripture, the deeper your love grows for Jesus. The more you get to know our Father, and the Holy Spirit, of course. 

Our seal.

My church has grown me into this person. They nurtured me as an individual. Even they would not have know how far and how much I would come to see the face of Christ our Lord. 

So many little or huge diversions. 

Here, there, go ……..

What a waste of time. 

Just stay put and be happy and just grow.



Advise, it’s all about the light of Christ, not darkness.

There is so much darkness around the world. If you are in the darkness, then you will know you are not in the light. 

Turn, turn, turn towards the light and confess your sins and surrender your life to Jesus again and again and again. 

We are a fallen people, still in a dark world.

But, hey, you can live in the Spirit, in the light of our Lord Jesus who is the Christ. Where there is not burden nor suffering. 

There is only peace.

Jesus is the prince of peace. 

He is our Sar Shalom.

So, we dance.

Jesus and me. 

It’s nice though to have someone else along this arduous journey of worship of prayer and dance. 

Other than my only focus. 

Christ our Lord.

Perhaps many will find this place. I do not know. 

I only know Jesus.

Not a popular place in the world. 

Only Jesus saves.

Don’t get distracted on the unimportant things of this world. 

Focus your entire life and being on Christ our Lord.

Jesus Jesus Jesus

Just Jesus.

Only Jesus.

16 April 2013 Created for fellowship m

And bask in His glory. 

The fullness of His glory.

This is Christ our Lord.

Good journey.

Been instructed not to be proud.

How can I not be proud of this place and hope everyone gets here as well. 


I’m beginning to find out that not many find this place of the most intimate worship anybody can have with Christ our Lord. 

To know Him.

Global University
Preparing And Preaching Bible Messages
Old Wine In New Wineskins
ICA Academy
Theological Education
Chapter 3


Empowered by the Holy Spirit by fire.

You know what, I don’t suppose you have seen the Holy Spirit by fire.
I have.
When I received it.
It does not hurt.

Dancing with the Jesus and sometimes the Holy Spirit.

Beauty in growth.


Sweet and succulent.


It’s only and always just about Jesus Jesus Jesus.

It’s always best to self-reflect to see if we are wandering off course.
ie Not living according to Scripture.
If in doing so, it’s best to turn and repent before a holy God.
And look upon the Lord, face to face.



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