Lydia Has Been Given Such Authority


God never stops amazing me.

Today at worship I used my huge white banners and it was pretty. It will take a while to master them but what happened surprised me. Shocked me.


Lydia and I have been worshiping for half a decade or more together but our focus is totally on Christ our Lord.


Well, we shift when it’s her turn to use her huge banners. 

What happened shocked me.

I stood where she stood and I was nearly totally and absolutely slain in the Spirit. 

I had to pull myself together.


She has grown in such authority.

O well, we’ll just worship for another decade.


At least.


You see, about five years ago, or more, the Lord told me that many will come and go but I will remain in this church. 

It was five when I first knew, knew, knew who I was. I just thought everyone was like this.

It’s the Lord’s amazing grace.

The fullness of His Spirit. 

Hey, I’m a Pentecostal, through and through and through.

Spirit – filled Christian.


Sweet fruit.

Always have been. In my early twenties I used to join a bible study and they laid hands on those who were sick. I laid hands as well. I’ve always been a charismatic believer. 

It’s hard when others do not understand me and where I’m coming from. It’s difficult. 

The times I’ve fallen over with the big thud at our very own altar. No one could keep me up. Once, there were five behind me. But, alas. 

The Holy Spirit is greater.

Before I knew it, there were five people under me. 


No kidding.

It was like this.

Now I’m standing with five behind me …………

No idea why ………….

I thought to myself, ‘Don’t they have anything better to do?’

Then next ………..

We are all on the ground.

Me, at the top of the pile of people.

Six in total.

As quick as a wink.




God’s got a good sense of humor. 

The Holy Spirit is some powerful God.


So, as it goes, it’s still all happening at the altar. 


Fix our eyes on Jesus, the Author and the Finisher of our faith.


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