Spirit Blow


So, what are you thinking about church?
What’s all happening in your minds and your thoughts?
For me, this sermon. Last night after reading Chapter 5 of my IST, I woke up thinking how to plunge into this sermon and just do it. So, I’ve decided to speak out the sermon with short notes and then type the words.
Hey, I taught Sunday School for five long years all by myself and had to do sermons all by myself and in those days there was no format that had to be followed. It was all Jesus. God. If you wished to just read it to the kids or get them to do it, you did it.
I liked to improvise so that it was interesting. I loved being original even way back then so ………
People love to categorize.
I love to do it different. Not a popular place to be but it works for me and for those around me.

A sermon.
Life application.
Totally and absolutely soaked in the love of Christ.
Can you feel it?
Do you smell it?
Can you touch it?
Do you see it?
Does it taste so good it makes your heart go all soft and tender and loved?
So, we dance.
Jesus and me.



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