I Am Yours, Lord Jesus



All I hear this morning is, ‘I am Yours. I am Yours. I am Yours. Lord Jesus.’
It all really started, the glory part, like this. I saw it and walked right into it. When you are not burdened by any sin, there is no fear in this place. I really saw this and walked right into the light and the glory.
It’s a place of absolute peace.
Then in the end it just all become light after the decade passed.
It just also may be all this blood that I’m covered with as well. So many encounters with Jesus on the cross.
The righteousness of Christ our Lord. His righteousness.

All I am is Yours, Lord Jesus.

16 April 2013 my glory and lifter of my head
We truly are saved by grace but after that it’s choices in our lives that we make. The good ones or the bad ones will lead you along a path close to Jesus’ heartbeat or so very far from it. I’ve always been an inside the Holy of Holies person. Right up close and personal person with Jesus.Honestly, you seek what you look for. What you are finding. What you are hoping. As silly as my prayers and desire may have been. How childish. How immature. It’s been the best decisions I have made. The best choices where Christ is concerned.

The seed of the fruit
of the Spirit.


The wind of the Spirit.
Blow, blow, blow.
Spirit blow.



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