It Is By The Grace Of God That We Are Saved


We are all called in places with Jesus in a different way. It was there in this song that I could not stop crying as I really really felt that Jesus is so berry beautiful. It was in this song that I saw the nail plunged into the hand of Jesus three times. It broke my heart. Then and thinking about it today, it still does the same thing. The cost of my salvation and all man who believe. I learnt from Chapter 6 in preaching sermons that the testimony of a person is the most powerful means of preaching. Their real life encounters with Jesus. The thing is I was born to see Jesus cos I want to. I just want to see Jesus all the time. Sometimes, it’s only when you look back that you see Jesus calling you all the time. In my twenties, mid-twenties, I started seeing the crucifixion of Jesus in still pictures. It prepared me for the full crucifixion of our Lord. The full vision.

We are all so different and I know that even if no one understands me, Jesus does. God does.

It did happen. I always wanted to be an apostle like the apostles of the first century church as a seven year old child. I suppose God gave me the desire of my heart, even way back then. But I was not prepared, way back then. I was just a child living in hope.
I know this to be true as I saw it. I see it.

You know, Jesus really really is so berry berry beautiful. Even on the cross.
Chapter 7

I learnt that the Gospel is to be preached at the end of every sermon.
The Aim Of The Sermon
Chapter 7

Global University​
ICA Academy
Theological Education

Jesus was crucified.
He died.
He was buried.
After three days,
He rose.


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