Bless The Lord, O My Soul And Forget Not His Benefits

I’ve had a great break. It’s been over six years really. Maybe even seven since I’ve had a break. So, I just did nothing but enjoy the cruise trip with my husband. Finally. A break. An altogether, break. And I asked the Lord. I inquired of Him, and He answered me. This time was to reflect on things and my husband and our lives. I shared my faith with all of my new friends. Honestly. I did not hold back. Yet, this trip I found near the end is my love for my husband that is so very important. A love that is not wishy-washy, but deep inside of my heart. It is twenty years and every moment has been wonderful for me. For the both of us. Our love for each other is deeper than it has ever been and in all of this. Working for Jesus, I found that if you do not place Jesus in first place, first, then you are unable to have this deep deep love, that I feel for my husband. So, I bless the Lord. I prayed also that my children all find this place of complete contentment in marriage. My two boys are going through difficulty. Another son is moving with another child to come. The other with the three boys. Two in Secondary School. And our daughter, with her first son in Primary School.


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