Preach The Gospel


The church in moving in ways never done before. For the first time in the history of mankind, the Middle-East is opening up. God is moving people out. Though they are lost and broken hearted and hurt and suffering and vulnerable, this move has opened their hearts to love. The love of Christ Jesus.

This morning when I awoke I sought the Lord and He answered me.
The cross, what seems a shame is life. Eternal life.
I did the Islam course. They do not know whether or not they will attain heaven or eternal life in this life.
We have the edge. Eternal life is in Christ alone. He is their eternal life.
We have a generation now to build up. Children without parents. Parents without children. Families all broken up.
That picture of the poor little boy broke my heart.
He is in heaven. I want to tell his dad this. He is in heaven with God.
God is for everyone. We are all created in the image of God. ‘Man And Sin’.
I did the thirteen courses, got the books, went to nearly all the lectures and heard it. This is the results of my biblical studies.
In the last four years I have been trying my best to learn how to love as I have felt that what love I have is not enough in God’s eyes and God has used this situation and all these thirteen studies to open my heart to the lost in the Middle East.
It may seem so far-fetched and out of the norm of logical reasoning but Christ is a stumbling block. Man trips over this reasoning.


My prayer is that families are totally reunited in Christ alone. I have not cried in prayer for so long but God’s heart for these refugees is so great that these are His tears as I join in in prayer for a lost people now open to receive the Gospel.
Do you feel God’s heart for the lost in this humanitarian disaster?
I do.


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