Faith Is Caught Not Taught


In my twenties I was told that faith is caught not taught. It’s like a cold. A virus. You catch it from the person who is near to you. For example, your teacher.

I’ve been blessed throughout the years of being with missionaries who study God’s Word and I caught this love for bible study. I must have frustrated them as I was not fast enough. They were going at some tremendous speed.

In all of this, now with Global University, I’ve been able to integrate all my studies into a bundle of one. Mix the years of study together.

It takes years to nurture a child of God in the study of God’s Word and it depends on the passion of the teacher who is teaching. If they love the Word, you get the impartation. They speak it into you. All the bible verses spoken over me, I now, speak it out like they do.

Some think, what’s all happening. Just random verses. Actually it’s cross-references. Key verses. Key words. Key passages. Important chapters in each epistle.

I love to study God’s Word with a passion. To be honest, I’m slow compared to the rest of  them. Well, the best. So slow.



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