Growing In The Full Stature Of Christ Jesus Our Lord

I’ve been grown up this last week in the current global crisis. I never used to get missions. Went to the course, got the book but I just did not get it. Now I do.


I’m on my fourteenth course in Global University. Seventeen by the end of this year. We’ve covered the entire bible. I’ve grown in so many places in this course over the last three years and more. It’s been amazing. I love to study Scripture and everything that pertains to it and in this course I’ve learnt things that I did not know nor never got the chance to learn about. I love it. I love to grow. I hate to waste time. I used to get so frustrated before but in Global University, it’s so fast, it’s my pace. I used to have to wait for some to catch up but here, I can go at my own pace and run if I want to and I’m at the mountain top here. 

Thank you.
❤ ❤ ❤



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