Happy Sunday



It was a very busy Sunday yesterday. It started early at 8.30 am in worship with our banners. I used a blue and white one and wore a blue and white dress as well. It looked superb. Only Lydia and I are worshiping with our new banners now. It looks lovely. Lydia commented that this is a new season and she will move in the Spirit. We do not know how it works but the Holy Spirit will lead us. It’s wonderful. Yesterday I saw Jesus. I kissed His feet, at His throne of grace. Worship was wonderful. We are mixing the solid plain colours and putting them together. The effect is lovely. Jesus is altogether lovely and He deserves the best of us. Out of us. In us. All of us.
This morning when I awoke I had a lovely conversation with Jesus.
Yesterday I taught a ten to fifteen minute inductive bible study to our Sunday School teachers in our teacher’s meeting. I taught on John 3, being born again. I printed out the passage and we went over it, like JoAnn used to teach us when we were all younger. They enjoyed it.
We are doing a new thing in Sunday School. We had a meeting.
I shared my Daniel observation worksheets on 11 & 12, and was reminded of my commitment in my tender younger years to my God. My Father in heaven. And in my twenties and thirties, forties and fifties and now my sixties.
At worship yesterday, the Lord is asking of me a fresh and new and singular commitment in the worship of Him and Him alone.
These last couple of years, I have shared the altar with many of the ladies in my worship group but now He is asking for more of my heart. More of me. More singular and focused. Not people focused but Jesus focused.
So, like Daniel, a fresh and new commitment in this year of 5776 which will lead to 5777. There must be some meaning in the perfect 777 number. And the 5 before it. I’ll just let the prophets explain it. They are equipped.
Yesterday, we are volunteering to serve in a decade commitment. This is what I heard.
In all of this it is of course Jesus being our main focus in all things.
So I shall break out into a love song for Jesus.


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