Marriage Is Beautiful

Intimacy in marriage is a very important factor that two people continue staying in deep deep love with each other. I learnt this from my father-in-law and my mother-in-law in their marriage to each other over the last twenty years. They are now old and not well but desire to stay together though they are no longer able. I examined their lovely loving marriage all through the years and imitated them in our marriage. It truly works. We learn how to live from those before us. Jacob and Jac are going to be married next month and it is just the beginning. Our two little babies are getting married and growing up in the Lord.
This song is for my husband as it best depicts how deep and how much I love him for giving me such a good and wonderful life, all the time. He truly is a wonderful husband and I love Him so much.
All of us, young and old need to spend lots of time with our husbands and enjoy them to the fullest. It’s the only way to know each other and to enjoy old age together happily, peacefully and joyfully.
For me and my kids, my family and everyone.


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