The Old Has Gone, The New Has Come


I’ve come such a long, long way in this journey called life with Christ our Lord, Jesus, the Christ. I truly want to allow tears to flow down down down from my face for this very reason that the Glory of the Lord is within me in such a tremendous way.
Today I taught on the Holy Spirit, in the Alpha Course to our young teens. I stuck to the material as they are young and it’s not the right age for all the intimate stuff for the kids. They just needed it to be Scriptural.
I finally, after a year, got the pink banner I ordered last October for the 31 December. I took a hold of it and it felt, hard and stiff and not supple nor able to bend in the wind nor the flicker of the leaves quiver in the breeze of the Holy Spirit.
I dance, with, Jesus. Not to Jesus nor at Jesus. I dance with Him. I dance with the Holy Spirit.
I’ve arrived at this place. A new place in this year of 5776. It’s a place that is gentle and quiet and still still still. So still that every breeze takes me in a divine exchange with the Christ.
It’s true. The glory of the Lord is within me. Us.
The glory that is Jesus’.

Now, I shall just move forward with the new banners. The poles are soft and able to be twisted and bent. Like our lives. Bend at the feet of Jesus. In His Presence.
Honor the great I AM.
I just thought there could not be anything more and yet, Jesus is doing a new thing in my life.

I desire to be here with pink and turquoise and green and white.
Can you see it?
Can  you feel it?
Amelia, when she brought my new pink banner she said that with the icons on the banner, everyone will know they belong to Jesus.
I wanted to say, ‘If you do belong to Jesus, you do not need icons. You just need Jesus, as we do not know the place He has prepared for us, yet.’
I’m so in love with Jesus.

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