Choose Christ And Him Alone

I ❤ You Lord Jesus with all of my ❤ and mind and strength.

You have a choice. To choose Christ or other things in this world that would entice you and take you away from a Holy God. He is a God who knows and sees all things. Nothing gets past Him. It costs dearly. It costs your heart. Are you willing to give all of your heart to Jesus? Not man but Christ and Him alone.


There is no one nor nothing more than Christ and His light.

Only Jesus. 

He is the way the truth and the life.

Where have you placed your trust and your heart?

In Whom?

If it is not Christ but man or any thing in this world, then you need to repent. 

The Lord wants all of you.

We all need to examine our hearts, daily. 

I’m one of the blessed ones. As a child I was instructed to only focus all my heart and mind and strength on God and Him alone. Then she let go and let God and He did it. I sought Him with all of my heart and mind and strength and found Him. Big time.

God is not after perfection. Only He is perfect. He is after just you. Just as you are. No more and no less. Offer yourself and your heart and everything you are to Jesus. He takes you just the way you are. 

We are covered by the blood of the Lamb.


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