Obedience Is Better Than Sacrifice


When we try to teach our children we try to attract their attention in some way. I love the colour pink. It’s bright enough to get a look at.



I am constantly reminded of this fact that we are all different in the way things are done in different churches. No one is exactly the same. Not that there is anything wrong. It’s the individuality of each church which has the pastor in charge and then the leadership that supports his vision.

Then you have all the ministries which is lead by the leader.

We have a great Sunday School leader who has her vision and we support her vision. We all rally round and do it the way she sees it.

When there is differences of opinion and lack of support it causes division and division does not work as there is lack of unity.

There is no perfect church, no perfect ministry and no perfect people. We are all broken people.
This is why we need Jesus our Lord and Saviour to save us from ourselves.

We always need to turn to Scripture to understand every situation in our lives as human being. Imperfect human beings.

When Israel lifted up idols and placed them not only in the temple. They most importantly placed them in their hearts.

God wiped them out and started again.

The seriousness of placing our God in a less high place is a very serious sin and an offense to God. We pay the price of our unbelief that God is God and He needs our help in doing things.

The real answer to this is He does not need our help. He just needs us to obey Him and keep His commandments as we love Him.

I was quite distressed that in the purity and singularity of only Christ and Him alone, of the vision I have for our prophetic worship that there is comparison in the way others worship which needs to be integrated into our worship.

There are other forms indeed that minister to the saints, but, we solely minister to Christ and Him alone.

I have so repeated this in the past that if the colour of the banner is not red, ie, meaning blood.

Do you think at the Judgement Seat of Christ, He will send me off into the pit of fire because it was not red?

Do you think God looks at our hearts and not the outward person but the intentions of the heart?

Or that you missed a beat in your swing?
Or dropped your banner?

Or just stood there and worshiped Him and Christ alone?

We got some pictures of how one of our girls went out and walked the streets and blew the shofa and shared Christ with others from other churches. Indeed it is wonderful to see.

But this is not our place in the front of the altar.

Should we wash our feet literally before we enter the holy place and bath and wear tassels or other things?

Indeed we are free for whom the Lord has set free is free.

We are free to enter into the Holy of Holies and worship without needing icons or other things for God looks at our hearts.

Each and every person who worships with us worships from our hearts. We do not need other things to support the desire of our hearts to worship God. We do not need to make idols in our hearts to make sure Jesus sees us. We just need to be all His and His alone. This is Christ.

Basically it falls down to this.

If you like it better the way it is done in other places, go there and do it their way. If you like it done here our way, join in.

Simple deduction. You do not need Sherlock nor Watson to help identify this.

Sometimes people need a change of scene and place. It might help.




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