Learn From All Directions God Puts You In


It’s been a dreadful couple of weeks for me of excruciating pain. I have a trapped nerve as the top of my neck has been shifted from using a sixteen pound ball non-stop over the years I represented my country. It does not hurt when I lie down. It subsides but when I am sitting up or standing, tears sometimes burst forth.
It has not been easy for my husband as sometimes there can be no conversation as the pain takes over and all can think about is how much it hurts and he reminds me that if I had remained in the hospital trauma ward they would have sent me to physio to sort this out immediately. Then I would have had the scan done as well and all of this would have been sorted weeks ago.
I just love my own home and bed and sofa so much.

The course we are learning about in Global University​ is ‘Man And Sin’. It has been an eye opener as I never really think about sin.

I love to think about Jesus. I’m a Jesus person.
I think this cup cake is beautiful. Perfect really, so, though it has nothing to do with the topic, I love pretty pink things.



I love love love love love pink pink pink.
Definitely my kind of colour.
I’m a pink pink pink girl girl.

I woke up this morning as usual with pure bright white light all around me and my hand are covered in the pure bright white light. 


Praise the Lord.

Back to the topic of sin. As I’ve been in such pain I now understand the fallen man part as pain has entered through one man Adam. Sin.

You might not agree from the direction I’m coming from but well, we all experience things differently. These last couple of weeks, I’m coming from the excruciating pain direction.



As a child I was taught to only seek the things of God and even in this pain, I seek the things of God. His lessons in my life. God is a great Teacher. He teaches us things we would never have known in every situation we are put in. 

I suppose my test is, to remain in the pain and not learn a thing or ……. learn through the pain.


Hey, Jesus suffered worse than me and He did not say a word. 

So, if you see tears spring to my eyes, you will know why. 

I do not believe in pain killers. I believe that I can do this but sometimes when it is just too much, I reach out for that Tylenol and swallow them hurriedly. 

14 September 2012 fire dance

Dance in the fire of testing.


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