An Entire Year Of The Study Of God’s Word

2 September 2012 dove3

It is another year of deep study of God’s Word and growth in the Lord in Global University and ICA Academy in Theological Education.

Also in our banner worship with double and triple banners. Not only will it take a lot of strength and heart to study God’s Word diligently but also worshiping with double and triple banners as it will take strength and heart to worship Jesus with the weight of six banners. We will rise to great heights in the Lord in worship.

Also I would finally like to try with long white silk banner. It will take strength and grace to worship with such a long banner but I shall give it a try. Last year I thought about it but thought it would take much strength. 

My husband and I shall serve heartily in Sunday School and I shall continue praying in Powerhouse with my classmate from school since we were twelve. 

We’ve been able to help Millie find a lovely home to rest her bones. 

This is it in a nutshell. 

May the grace of God continue to flow in our lives in His presence and His glory and may this year be more intimate with Christ our Lord, our Father in heaven and the Holy Spirit. May the joy and peace of our Lord be our constant rest in Him and Him alone.

Today at worship I saw Jesus with the prayers of the saints, smoke rising up up up. 


May our service to our Lord bring to Him a sweet sweet smile across His face.


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