We Are All Individuals

1 August 2014 jesus-laughing-2_1340834830

God creates us as individuals. Not one person is like another though they may have grown up in the same way. One may believe but the other may not. Funny this, right. But so true. I’m not one to copy another person. I like to find my own way though it may take longer. 

I love being an individual and not one of the crowd doing the same same. Like come copy cat. 

I’m a God person. I love the things of God. I love to study Scripture. I love to dance with Jesus and the Holy Spirit. I do not know if it may be even possible to dance with my Father in heaven. He is Abba Father after all. 

Most like complicated but I like the simple things in life. The things that are free. Happy and free. Fun. Joy. Happiness. Laughter. Giggles. I find the simple things in life splendid.

May I never change the way God has created me, in His image, He created me.


Just wondering about this double.


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