Seeking A Kiss From Heaven


This triple layer is looking very promising to me. Apart from the fact it is called ‘Joyful Praise’, it also depicts my love for Jesus. His everlasting love for me as well. It may be heavy but well worth the lift up of praise and worship to the King of kings and Lord of lords. Hey, I’m a worshiper in Spirit and in Truth with banners so, these thoughts have filled my mind on how to worship and praise His holy Name above all names in a manner worthy that would not only bring a smile on His face but lead me to another kiss from heaven.

This is good as it as the reflecting light makes it look so beautiful and not dull.

Even praising God takes time to prepare not only your heart but also what sort of banner you use to praise His holy Name.

Aaaaaaaa but it takes heart. All of my heart.


Reflective Flow is lighter. Wonder if shades of fushia would work. For me anyways. It would be so much lighter and easier to keep on going. When I worship, I get so intense I just do not feel the time go by and just raise my arms to Jesus. 

Abba Father?

Will I get to get a dance with You this year Abba Father?

7 April 2013 dear Father I want to dance with YOU

Not forgetting the long, single, silk white banner of course.

Many challenges ahead of me this year.

Why not!!!

Growth spurts. 

I don’t want to stagnate into a grounding halt.



Think, a great, big sloppy kiss from heaven in a divine dance with my Father who art Thou in heaven. 

What a year!!!

Enjoy the journey church. The Lord will never ever cease to amaze you.!product/prd2/2484370621/purified-(sliver)-(set-of-2)-view-video

This white triple layer banner is called purified. Looks promising as well.



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