All I Have Is Jesus


If you know me well, all you will find is Christ and His word and intimate communion with Him. Some may find this boring but ‘wow factor’ here. It’s the most amazing adventure my entire life. With the Lord God Almighty.

Without Christ and His word and communion with Him, there is nothing. I might as well be dead. Actually, a person is dead if there is no Jesus.

Jesus has been singing this to me all day long without stop. 


From a very tender age I read and wrote. And wrote and wrote and wrote. I just never stopped writing. I’m now back on to my GU Preaching Course now. And then next month we start our next course. 

I spoke to my friend today that many buy papers from experts and pay a huge sum and get Master Degrees which is a very common thing here but hey, I just love doing my own imperfect letters. I want to be like a little Paul. That is what I call cheating. I would never do that. The fact that we actually saw a friend do it when we were out. He got his paper. Perfect. I’m so tempted to do this with my formatting but integrity is more important to me. Like Daniel. My friend suggested someone can help me with it. 

In all of this, perfection is not the key. The main point is if you do not grow in Christlikeness, to be more like Jesus ……….. there is no point. We are all imperfect beings in an imperfect world. 

Only Jesus can save us.


We eat these mostly every single day of our lives.



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