Who am i, Lord Jesus.

I was playing around when I used to ask this question in previous years. Now, I truly want to know why my Father in heaven chose me for this place so intimate with His Son, Jesus who is the Christ.

I woke up this morning in the chamber of Christ our Lord. His face beside mine and I just snuggled right into the the cheek of Christ and moved in so close and intimate and personal, and rubbed my cheeks into His. 

Then I was reminded in the all the years gone past even as a child, seeking, looking, finding, the one before me was always someone older and wiser. Though I acted as though it did not matter at all, it all did and I took it all in. Like a hungry child with a stomach needing to be filled filled filled. 

Walk with the giants of Christ and you will be one of them as well. And then, walk where men rarely walk. 


The real question now, at this point, is, Enoch walked with God and was no more.

Get it.


I need to escape into the Spirit realm and have intimate communion with Christ our Lord. The Christ. I AM. The Alpha and the Omega. 


The year is 2016, the year of the Lord. 

An explosion of worship.



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