Thank You Lord Jesus


Logos finally replied to my e-mail and now my bible is downloading. My bible is my life. When I was young I just wanted to read the bible and know more about my God. This day I find that without my bible, I cannot exist. I have learned so much. So many adventures with the Lord in Scripture that cannot be denied that I am set apart as holy unto the Lord. Nothing is by coincidence. Our lives have been set out step by step, breath by breath by the Lord God Almighty before the foundations of the earth. His people have honored His call in my life by teaching me how to walk in His ways in accordance with His Word. Spirit and Truth. The both have to go together. The Spirit will always be in alignment with the Word. The Word will always glorify the Father. I’m crying cos my Logos Bible is being downloaded at this moment. Two days. It’s a long time to be without my bible on my desktop. I feel lost without Jesus. Jesus is the Word. Looking forward to finding out about the cedar. Look at the cedar, the Lord says to me. Look at the cedar.




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