I Just Am Reminded Of Jesus Daily



From a very tender age, very very young, I was led to this place by those who walked this road before me. They prayed over me when I was born and dedicated me unto the Lord in their sanctuary to be His bride. His and His alone. Eternal prayers. The prayers of the saints. They only talk to Jesus. God. God the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. They dedicate their lives just for the Lord. So, though I’m in the world, my heart is constantly in this holy ground. This holy place where Christ is. His love. Every waking and sleeping moment I was taught to seek God. I just did it. Sometimes when I am lost in thought, it’s when I’m talking to the Lord, He is talking. Thoughts about who He is. I’m determined to remain in this place with Jesus. Eternity set in my heart for always. I know the Lord, not just the nice and choicest bits. All the bits of Jesus. May I know more and more and more of Him, Christ our Lord, for always.



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