O Lord O Lord Our God



I got the results for one of my courses today. It was good. The examiner was gracious and gave me a lot to work on on my next course. I’m so blessed beyond what I should be blessed with because Jesus died for me on the cross to save me and welcomes me into His kingdom forevermore for all eternity. I will have to work on my ‘Preparing And Preaching Sermon Messages’ again after all the points listed. 

Praise the Lord, our next course starts this week on ‘The Work Of The Pastor’. 

Please join us.

Global University
Biblical Theology
ICA Academy
Theological Education

Thank you Global University for God’s grace.


God is good all the time.


This has ever and always been the song in my heart. I cannot get enough of Jesus’ Presence. Never close enough. Never near enough. This is how I found my way into His heart. I crawled right into the heart of Jesus. Right on the top of His cross. I just crawled right inside. It was when I was afraid, then time and time again I would hide in this place in Christ. In His heart. In the blood pounding. In the pure bright white light of Christ. Into the pure bright white Light. Jesus is the light of the world. Jesus is the Light. The heart of the Lord God Almighty. And yet, this is not close enough and I wonder why. And the Lord says,’You are waiting for the day when you will see Me for all eternity. Then we will be near enough.’

Draw me nearer Lord, never let me go. 

This is an amazing journey in biblical studies. I love my Global University study.

Draw me nearer Lord. Never let me go. Draw me nearer and nearer Lord Jesus. The great I AM. 

It’s true, there’s no where else I’d rather be. 

I have found where I belong.

Draw me nearer Lord Jesus. 

Tonight, now, I start reading Chapter 1 of my IST, ‘The Work Of A Pastor.’


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