I Kissed Jesus Like I Kiss My Husband

James 4:8New King James Version (NKJV)

8 Draw near to God and He will draw near to you.


We draw near to Christ our Lord as we study His Word diligently daily. We do not give up the good fight of faith which the good Lord has bestowed upon us who believe Christ as our Lord and Savior. His love spurs us on. His Presence is with us. His light surrounds us. The fire of His Presence is ever evident that the Holy Spirit by fire has consumed us with His love. The cross before us. The world behind us. What is only visible is Christ our Lord. His face we shall seek. All the days of our lives. We gaze into the brilliance of His glowing Presence and fix our eyes on the Author and Finisher of our faith. We never give up the good fight of faith as we are does of His Word. His hand caresses our face and His eyes gaze into ours. We are transfixed by His gaze. Like a bridegroom gazing at His bride. Like my husband gazing into my eyes. The love that is, is eternal. Perpetual. For all time. Eternity. I have so been called to his place of holy ground beside a loving Savior.

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I still cannot get near enough to Christ our Lord so this morning when I awoke I told my husband about this lovely worship song I found and we listened to it together. It’s funny is it not, that, Christ is the head of the church and in marriage we find a place with Christ as our Bridegroom and it is as intimate as we are with our husbands. 


I went up to the cross of our Lord Jesus Christ and stroked His lips and the blood in my fingers, I kissed His lips. My lips are soaked with the blood of Christ. 

So I laugh at myself for the countless times in the day I am in this place with my berry own husband. It is like where you learn in this world with your own husband, you do so with Christ our Lord. 

Is it that in Genesis in the creation of man and then woman to keep him company, like my husband and I keep each other company daily and the intimate affection we share is also shared with Jesus as our Bridegroom.

Yesterday I got bad news about a friend who has just died and has left two of her children behind. They are broken-hearted. It really is very very sad. Because I’m close to her children, I’m so very sad with them as well. I feel affectionately for their little hearts. 

16 April 2013

The beauty of marriage plays a huge role in our relationship with Jesus. We do the same thing we do with our husbands. Like it’s a lesson for all eternity with Jesus. When I was twelve and told I wanted to get married and have children, I was taken to a dance with my best friend. It was the very first dance we had been to. My mother took us both at our church. We get taught by our parents the way we are to go. The direction we take because they have taken the same road. I am reminded when my mother knelt down to pray on day in church, no one could find her. Though they looked all over. Even in the church. She was there for an hour. She was proud to tell me this story. The nuns looked everywhere for her but she was knelt down praying for an hour. Lost in prayer. 

Daily I kiss my husband countless times. As this is what husbands and wives do. For me this is the norm. Should I do this daily with Jesus as well. He is my Bridegroom. Our Bridegroom. Where do our affections lie. Where they lie, is where our heart is. 

When we go to bible study we are taught to use our hearts to learn Scripture. It’s not rote learning. Not conditions that are laid down in a hundred points. Thousands of points. Where is your heart? It’s all about the heart. Our hearts.

17 October 2012 raining heart

Draw me nearer Lord and never let me go. Like the hundreds of kisses I lay on my husband so I shall seek You Lord Jesus and lay thousands and millions on Your lips. 

Marriage is learning to love one another. Every single moment of our lives. Most importantly, it teaches us to love Jesus as our Bridegroom. From the depths of our hearts. 

Some will smile ….. us bible study people. People of the Word of God. Affections for the Word. Christ Jesus our Lord. 

I smile. Have I taken it too far. Not really. Led by the Spirit. Our sustenance. Christ our Lord.

Good day church. 


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