I Find Myself Always In The Heavenlies


I was reading the first chapter last night when I got back after watching television. I do not watch a lot of television. I hardly watch any. I spend most of my days thinking about Jesus. Most of my time really. I’m always in the heavenlies. In the heavenly realm. Because of this sometimes my mind is not here in this world. Not here at all. I’m running running running with the horses. The greats in the heavenlies. It’s wonderful. There is peace and joy and delight and happiness and smiles and laughter and amazing love in this place with Jesus. I find myself repenting of my complaining and fussing about my studies and am spurred on wholeheartedly in this year’s study of the Word of God. I have joy joy joy untold. I’m happy in this place.


Global University
Biblical Theology
ICA Academy
Theological Education
Orientation To GU Learning


As we meditate on Christ our Lord and draw closer to Him, we approach Him with a heart filled with love. Passionate love for a Savior who would die that I may live for all eternity. 


Is it that in this place there is healing. Is it here that only a few are called to this place of intimate communion in His suffering. 


Will many cross over, by approaching the cross and believe that Jesus is the Son of the living God. I do not know. I just know that this must be important or all of this all my life would not have happened to me. 

I have laid many many kisses on the lips of my suffering Savior. 

1 November 2012 worship


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