Spirit And Truth

3 November 2012 sun-shining-through-cross

When I woke up I wondered what Jesus wanted to discuss with me. He reminded me if I do not share the cross, the gospel. The broken body of Christ our Lord then the very epicenter of Scripture is lost in …. what. So, I am armed with the gospel in a way no other would like to walk. Look upon the suffering of our Lord Jesus who is the Christ. Funny. People do not really want to talk about it. Discuss it. They would rather go somewhere else. Indeed every time I venture near to our broken Lord Jesus, I too get broken with Him. And as His heart broke for mine, mine breaks too for His. It’s lent. If we do not remember our salvation, our Redeemer, then we …. are we saying then that there is no one to redeem us. And if so like I taught in Sunday School in my twenties, if you do not know who God is then how are you going to know when you are in heaven. You just will not recognize Jesus. He will just be a foreigner to you. You will not know Him. He would be a stranger to you. Like anyone walking by that you do not know. So, these seven, eight year olds paid their utmost attention to the story of Jesus that I told them. I love writing stories since childhood. I day dream like Jacob. About God.


Spirit and Truth.


Global University
The Work Of A Pastor
Chapter 3
Orientation To GU Learning
Chapter 3

Biblical Theology
ICA Academy
Biblical Education



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