Honestly, We Serve An Amazing God

Jesus is His Name.

Today, after days of study of the Word, in Sunday School, you would not believe what happened.

A young teenager who had been with us for about a year and has been so quiet, accepted the Lord as her personal Lord and Savior. 

A ‘How To Preach The Gospel’ course was arranged for me quite a long time ago when I declared that I was going to preach the gospel all over the world. And I did. There were about thirty of us. Prearranged. Just for me.

Well, today this young teenager in a voice that could hardly be heard said, ‘I don’t know what you are talking about!’ When I asked if she had asked Jesus into her heart. The other girl beside her was jubilant and spoke of her acceptance of Jesus since aged seven so this young teen was excited. 

I decided, was prompted to preach the two minute gospel to her. Make it simple, I heard the Lord say. So it took me a minute. As I drew out the simple picture, the teen beside her said, ‘My gosh, we get this at school all the time.’ She was so excited it spurred the one beside her on. I put down the key words, of believe, God, Jesus and preached the simple gospel I had learnt in one day or is it two. I was told the attention span of one who is being preached to is a very small window of opportunity and then they lose interest. So I made it as simple and as direct as possible. The fact that the other girl was bouncing around full of joy joy joy made the quiet one pay attention in her hope to belong. She agreed to ask Jesus into her heart and keep Him there. The other girl was so excited it was like the Lord had arranged this to happen in this way, like I have never experienced before so I just did it. 

In quietness and trust in Christ, she wanted Jesus as her personal Lord and Savior and was instantaneously in the kingdom of God. The teen beside her prayed for her and hugged her welcoming her into the kingdom and it was done and dusted within minutes. 


I had thought to allow the young lady beside me to preach, or even Niran,  but the Lord prompted me to do it myself. 

O Lord Jesus. Could I preach to millions? At one time. No joke. You can go to Africa and preach to a million at one time. I want my heart to beat fast as I preach to the masses. Like Jesus’ love for me on the cross. His heartbeat was fast as He gave His life for mine, remembering me, two. 


Perfect timing. It’s Lent. Many are in deep prayer and supplication in this place with Jesus. Like me.

I gave the young teen the sheet that I had preached to her and she took it eagerly and quickly kept it in her bag and smiled. I was amazed how much she wanted it. 

Do we serve an amazing God or do we!!! He did it all. He provided in every circumstance thing morning.

The Lord our Provider. 


Some things come easy to those who practice again and again and again. 


Global University
Biblical Theology
The Work Of A Pastor
Chapter 4
Orientation To Global University Learning
Chapter 4

Chapters 1-5
ICA Academy
Theological Education

2 August 2012 worship the LORD

Glory be to the Lord God Almighty.


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