Fix The Eyes Of Our Hearts On The Author And The Finisher Of Our Faith


I’m growing at an incredible rate in Scripture. But I’ve invested all my time and life on it. I’ve spent hours daily in the study of God’s Word and time in prayer and supplication. It’s funny isn’t it that when you want something, you will go the ends of the earth to search for it. And I did. I seek teachers of the Word and they honored God’s calling of the study of God’s Word in my life and they have fed me daily. His daily bread. The Word of God and since I’ve joined in Global University, I’ve grow at some incredible rate. But then it’s collaboration of all teachers of the Word of God.

But I only learn from women bible teachers. This is what I have been disciplined to do.

The thing is this. I study but it’s our children who need to study as well. The ones after us. It truly is very disappointing when those with us do not enjoy the study of the Word of God. They do not grow along with us. 

My eyes are sore from reading and reading and reading and the strength of my glasses are growing since my bible study adventures. It’s an incredible walk. I want to learn and know and well, I get to know. 

How important it is to fix our eyes on the Author and the Finisher of our faith. I want to finish strong.

Global University
Biblical Theology
The Work Of A Pastor
ICA Academy
Theological Education


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